In order for Scrapbook Gems to initiate work on your project, we require a 50% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. Payment can be made over the phone with a credit card, or you can mail a money order or check. Please do not mail any money until you have contacted us via Email to get an estimated amount due. If you would like to pay over the phone, please provide your telephone number in the email so that we can contact you. We will soon be providing a Paypal Link, but are still in the process of converting our website to be Paypal-Ready.

Data CDs are a good way to send photos in bulk. You would need to send notes regarding each photo, referencing the name of each photo on the cd in the notes. Trying to describe photos over the phone is a bit time consuming and difficult. Being informative on paper from the beginning is easier, and can get the project done more quickly, though we may still have to contact you for further details regarding certain photos.

Each project is different and customized, some with more journaling and designing than others. We can give an estimated length of completion time once we have your photos and have an idea of the work involved. We will give you consistent updates to let you know how it is progressing. We will endeavor to have the finished product to you in a timely manner. Please let us know if we need to expedite your project.

Also, we will provide a pdf file of your project in different stages of completion to show you the progress. This will give you, the customer, the opportunity to ask for adjustments to the layout before it is finished.

All customers will be sent a completed pdf file before the final product is sent. Please note that until the final product is paid for in full, the pdf files will be watermarked.


Instructions for Providing Physical Photos:

Instructions for Providing Digital Photos:

Email is a good way to get us your photos. However, there are some issues regarding email. Emails tend to have a limit for the amount of megabytes allowed per email. So you would have to limit your emailed photos to between 2 and 10, depending on the size of the photos. This is actually the way we would prefer to receive digital images because it would be an easy way to get descriptions for each group, since you can't have more than 10 photos per layout anyway. You would need to email them as attachments, not insertions. Use the little "paper clip" attachment in your email to select your photos. In the body of the email, give us a description of the photos and the names and dates.  You can provide whatever journaling you would like in the layouts. The amount of journaling isn't limited, generally speaking.

Payment Process:

Product Completion Process:

Physical Photos can be mailed to us via any service you feel comfortable with (US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.)  We will usually use UPS to mail your photos back to you. They will always provide a tracking number, no matter what. Once your photos are scanned in and saved in our database, we will immediately send the originals back to you, with a tracking number and our thanks. You will get them back, usually, before the project is completed.   NOTE: Please use  discretion regarding which photos you send. If photos are aged, there is a chance they can tear, break, or chip. We will be as careful as possible with your photos, but there is always a chance something can happen. Please carefully read the disclaimer (found in the "Terms and Conditions"), sign, and include with the package containing your photos. Please click the button below for the "Terms & Conditions":

Please do not put all the photos together as one group. Put them as small groups in separate zip lock bags, with sticky notes attached to the back of each photo or photo group for descriptions of dates and names, as well as any journaling you would like. We don't recommend writing on the backs of photos, as the ink can damage them in the long run (most pens are not "Acid-Free").

If you live in or near Salt Lake City you can meet me to provide the photos directly. Otherwise, they will have to be mailed.

Please keep in mind that Scrapbook Gems is NOT a "Photo Restoration Service". We can adjust your photographs, but if you would like them professionally restored, you need to contact a "Photo Restoration Service".

SmugMug is a very convenient Photo Storage Site. It is easily accessible, and we can download content from it without trouble. We would need photo descriptions and journaling info in addition to the photos, which would need to be provided via email.

Customized Digital
Scrapbook Pages & ScrapBooks

Special details

Cell Phones, nowadays, contain the majority of many peoples' photos. If you plan on sending photos from your cell phone, please send them via Email, rather than text. Texting significantly diminishes the quality of the photo, and would result in a poor finished product.

Social Websites, we know, contain a lot of your photos. We could arrange to extract them with the proper passwords if you would like. Although, they do have a tendency to diminish the quality of the photo a bit. Original formats are best.

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